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        Network Information Collection System (Kspider)

        Product Introduction

        Kspider is a network information resource integration system, which integrates functions of network data collection, analysis, storage, management and retrieval.

        Target customers

        Colleges and universities
        Scientific research institutions
        Enterprises and government institutions

        Product Function

        1.Advanced intelligent proxy server
        The system can accurately filter and automatically classify the information that users are interested in. It supports also user-defined classification, and provides various customized subjects.

        2.Powerful information collectionr
        Kspider is equipped with efficient information acquisition technology, to support network data acquisition. Thus, users can get fast, comprehensive and accurate access to Internet data.

        3.Flexible system structure
        Based on acquisition spider cluster, intelligent proxy server cluster and application server intelligent scheduling, each subsystem can be shut down and connected to Kspider at anytime, which will not affect the whole system operation.

        4.Massive data storage and full-text retrieval based on KBase
        Kspider support store and manage massive unstructured data. With mature full-text retrieval technology, the searching speed can reach 500G/S, which locate in high level comparing to competitors.

        5.Excellent publishing system
        The report highlights the dynamic and sensitive summary, with Google-style retrieval page. Besides, users can find website page snapshot and the page is automatically associated.

        6.Stable and reliable system performance
        The distributed cluster system, efficient algorithm and flexible architecture are adopted to ensure the stability and user-friendly of Kspider.

        7.Customized various retrieval requirements
        Users can define their personalized word dictionary according to their belonging industry and enterprise special needs.

        8.Both English and Chinese coding standards sustained
        Kspider can fulfill all the operations with English content, but it is more powerful in Chinese processing with mainstream Chinese coding standing, including GBK, GB2312, BIG5 and UTF-8, and inter-transaction can be realized in different coding standards.