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        Offline Notification Letter of Qingdao Site KNS55 Platform

        Dear users,

        CNKI Global Academic Focus(KNS8.0)was officially released at 0:00 on August 18, 2020 Beijing time. 80% of our users have moved to the new platform since then, and the average visits per day of the platform reached to nearly 4 million.

        After the one-year operation, Global Academic Focus 2.0 is capable to provide users with stable services and smooth experience, and has won many praises. >> Notice for CNKI Service Platform Upgrade

        Based on the above situation, CNKI's KNS55 platform will officially stop service on August 16, 2021 Beijing time. After that the KNS55 old platform domain name will no longer be accessible. From August 6th, visits from the old platform will automatically be redirected to the new platform until the old platform officially offline on August 16th.

        The Domain names that will be out of service:

        If any problems encountered in the process of platform migration, users are welcome to contact our sales or CNKI overseas customer service services@int.cnki.net, we will more than happy to offer support.

        Thank you for your support and love to CNKI, CNKI will spare no effort to provide you with better services.