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        Dear customer,

        As all know, CNKI is long committed to providing high-quality and convenient services to all global customers. But due to products and related technology consecutive updating, library customers and patrons have several access confusing such as multiple domain names, inconsistent functions, and also the high risks of data security.

        Under this circumstance, CNKI decides to recently implement a comprehensive network security upgrading on overseas service systems. And we would like to highlight and give overall information about this upgrading, helping understand what we’ve done and what the service is like in future.

        1) The main aspects of this round upgrading include:

        * HTTPS Protocol: The domain names of platforms and products will apply with “HTTPS” protocol instead of “HTTP”; (HTTPS?protocol is an extension of?HTTP; That “S” in the abbreviation comes from the word “Secure” ;)

        * Domain Names Unification: Replace previous domain names including like "new", "55", "70" and other versions. Future subsequent upgrades will continue to use the same domain name and will not be changed again.

        In order to achieve the above goals, the following domain names and their future URLs are listed as below. Library end needs to change CNKI access address manually via Ezproxy or any other tools.

        new.www.976004.com(English version)→www.976004.com

        new.gb.www.976004.com(Simplified Chinese version)→ chn.www.976004.com

        new.big5.www.976004.com(Traditional Chinese version) →tra.www.976004.com

        * Remarks: Only Qingdao site access needs to be updated with URL. California server and MPLS server will not be affected.

        This upgrading will level up the confidentiality and completeness of CNKI platform and the security of user identity verification will be further guaranteed. The unified domain names will maintain very long-term stability and will NOT be changed subject to future subsequent platform or system upgrades. More importantly, it will realize the technical basic for CNKI's upcoming new generation service platform-CNKI Express 2.0.

        2) About CNKI Express 2.0

        Up to now, CNKI Express 2.0 has been in stable operation for one year in the testing environment, and scheduled to be released initially in Chinese mainland in mid-July. The overseas websites will be upgraded after two months of stable service in the Chinese mainland, and customers will be notified one month in advance. But during this period, customers are welcome to visit following links to preview of the new platform:

        http://www.976004.com/kns/ (English version)

        https://chn.www.976004.com/kns/ (Simplified Chinese version)

        https://tra.www.976004.com/kns/ (Traditional Chinese version)

        CNKI Express 2.0 uploads the scholarly literature from China and international; with the core competence by “Intelligent Subject Search”, CNKI Express 2.0 provide high-qualified services following eight “unified” service standards:

        Thank you for your continuous supports and concerns. If there is any questions regarding this system security upgrade, please contact services@int.cnki.net, and we will offer support in the first time.