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        A thesis or dissertation is of great academic value, since the candidate's opinions and findings are put forward through considerable thinking in some professional and profound subjects. In the process of collecting materials and conducting research, the candidate is under the proper guidance of supervisors who are specialized in the subject and are currently engaged in high-level scientific research work.

        A thesis or dissertation generally presents the research results completed in 3 to 5 years under the guidance and review of the supervisor. It explores the problems in a detailed and systematic way, including detailed experimental methods, statistical analysis methods, experimental results, original data and systematic analysis, etc.

        A thesis or dissertation is innovative and groundbreaking in theory, since the topic, normally selected based on the research topic and direction of the supervisor, reflects the frontier problem that needs to be urgently solved in the discipline. It also has strong professional and practical value in application and can promote and guide the current production.

        A thesis or dissertation usually refers to a large number of domestic and foreign documents and collects lots of relevant thematic literature in the process of topic selection and writing, which is helpful to track and retrieve the relevant literature. Therefore, its literature review section not only puts forward many problems that need to be solved, but also includes all the information related to it. It can be said that a thesis or dissertation is a good tertiary document, and the reference literature attached is also the secondary information source that cannot be ignored.

        (The following data were collected as of March, 2020.)

        > Physics

        > Biological Science

        > Electrical & Electronic Engineering

        > Mineral and Mining

        > Material Science

        > Environmental Science

        > Civic & Structural Engineering

        > Aeronautics and Astronautics Science

        > Architecture

        > Agriculture

        > Information Technology

        > Traditional Chinese Medicine

        > Politics & International Studies

        > Law

        > Philosophy

        > Art & Design

        > Archaeology

        > Geography

        > Library & Information Management

        > Accounting & Finance