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        Find a CNKI Partner

        We offer more comprehensive partnership tiers to encourage agents to grow and achieve more success with CNKI. There are 5 tiers: Registered, Trusted, Superior, Premier and Elite. We are glad to introduce the top CNKI partners (Elite & Premier) to all as below.


        East View Information Services

        North America

        Since 1989, East View has been providing high-quality information products and services in foreign languages and in English to a wide array of academic, commercial, and government customers throughout the world.

        In 2002 we partnered with CNKI National Information Group, Tsinghua University and TTOD, Ltd., now Tsinghua Knowledge Network, to bring the China National Knowledge Infrastructure to researchers in North America and Europe. Since then, East View has offered more online resources from East Asia than any other company in North America.

        Email: info@eastview.com

        Tel: +1.952.252.1201

        Website: www.eastview.com

        Shou Ray Information Service

        Taiwan, China

        Shou Ray Information Service, SRIS, continues to provide high quality service to customer need in education in Taiwan, HK, and Macau since it was founded in 1991. SRIS has been in e-Resources, e-Publishing, e-Learning, e-Services business with market focus at higher education, K-12, medical & research institutes and government affiliations. As an information distributor, aggregator and integrator, SRIS devotes itself to providing world-leading research tools and prospective content to our clients.

        Email: services@customer-support.com.tw

        Tel: +886-2-7731-5800

        Website: https://www.sris.com.tw


        Toho Shoten


        Toho-Shoten was founded in 1951 to promote cultural exchange between China and Japan. The main business activities are as follow: import and sale of Chinese publications (books, magazines, newspapers and databases etc.); export of Japanese books and magazines on natural sciences; and publishing books related to China. The company plays a significant role at Chinese books market in Japan.

        CNKI products have been introduced and sold in Japan by Toho-Shoten since 2002. It helped many universities and scientific institutions to access to CNKI in order to search and browse thousands of Chinese magazines and newspapers in Japan.

        Email: cnki@toho-shoten.co.jp

        Tel: +81-3-3937-0300

        Website: https://www.toho-shoten.co.jp

        Shinwon Datanet Co., Ltd.

        South Korea

        Shinwon Datanet Co., Ltd.(“Shinwon”) was founded in 1990 in South Korea and is a comprehensive information service company who deals with academic topics in partnership with influential global publishers and suppliers such as CNKI. Shinwon provides advanced scholarly information to all academic areas, governments, R&D companies in South Korea. Shinwon mainly focuses on e-Journals, e-Books, and Databases in all fields including STEM and Social Sciences etc. Shinwon also takes part in Korean consortia such as KCUE and KESLI to offer reasonable priced but high-quality oversea e-contents to Korean market, especially Korean Universities and government institutions, and takes the lead in identifying the worldwide trend in information about education, research and development.

        Email: info@shinwon.co.kr

        Tel: +82.2.326-3535

        Website: http://www.shinwon.co.kr

        CNKI partners have spread across the globe:United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, South Africa...
        We look forward to your joining to enable both us better future.